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Lena Lashes Liquid Lipstick ~ Review, Swatches, Shipping

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One of my beauty resolution of the year was to buy more Black-Owned Beauty brands so in today blog post, I will be reviewing Lena Lashes More Matte Than Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I will go through the process of ordering, the formula plus swatches. I first got three of the shades around February (James, Dante and Idris) and got four more during the 5$ sale (Guy, Lucious, Tony and Kevin). 

What's Happening in Montreal | Fashion & Design Festival

What's Happening in Montreal | Fashion & Design Festival

Montreal annual Fashion & Design Festival will be held in the next couples of days. From August 15th to August 20th at Quartier des Spectacles. This one of a kind festival is meant to bring together Canadian and International fashion and design figures through conferences, fashions shows and musical performances. 

Best Foundation Duo for the Hot Days

Hello lovelies,

The weather here has been pretty crazy hot lately. So I don’t have a lot of option regarding makeup. Last summer, I could wear anything I wanted but not this year. So I wanted to give you guys a peak of the foundation duo that has been making me look really good despite the 40 degrees weather.

Black-Owned Beauty & Cosmetics Brands

I find that often cosmetics companies forget that there are more than 10 shades of skin tones. I feel that they don’t understand women of color. How can you have a foundation range with 20 shades of porcelain but 3 for dark skin tones. That is not acceptable.  If small companies can do it, any big ones can do it do. The beauty industry makes billions per year and more than half of it are made by women of colors. Those companies don’t see how much money they are losing.

Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub & Pore Cleanser*

I was happy to be selected by Influenster to try the new Bioré Baking Soda Pore Cleanser and Cleansing Scrub. I knew that you could do a lot of things with baking soda but in skincare, it’s a first for me. So I was very excited to try these two products especially since I have tried products from this brand before and was impressed.

Empties #1

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My Concealer Collection

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After my foundation collection, as promise here’s the one for concealer. I use to be the biggest concealer junkie but know my addiction has transferred to blushes. I don’t own as much as I used to because nowadays, I always end up using the same items. I have three all-time favorite concealers: NARS Radiant Creamy concealer, Make Up For Ever Full Cover and MAC Prolongwear concealer, that I don’t have in stock but have to get on my next MAC visits.

My Foundation Collection

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Shopping Online for Makeup : Sites + Tips

Best Online Clothing Stores

Hello lovelies
You most know by now that I am a shopaholic  and shopping online is my favorite thing to do because it's such a lifesaver. I have done a blog post about some great online destinations for shopping, I think one or two years ago but thought it was time for a little update. I will add more sites as I discover new ones. I have put in parenthesis the sites that only ships to the US or Canada.