Guest Post | Skin Care Tips for Autumn


Autumn is here, which means that you will have to take your lifestyle and habits to the next level. In order to stop making mistakes when it comes to skin care, here are six essential tips for autumn, so check them out.

MAC + Sephora Haul

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Sephora Holiday Sets

Laneige Water Bank Serum*


Maple Holistics Ancient Clay Facial Mask*

You guys know that my favorite skincare items are face mask. The clay ones even more. So when I got the opportunity to try Maple HolisticsAncient Clay Facial Mask, I had to take it. The reason I prefer clay mask I s mostly because of my oily skin. I feel like all the impurities and oils are being extracted by the clay and most importantly, I can sleep with them. The Maple Holistics Ancient Clay Facial Mask is made with three clays: French Green Clay (help with impurities and glowing skin), Betonite Clay (help remove acne induced toxins) and Fuller’s Earth Clay (help reducing acne scars and blemishes).