Favorite Nail Polishes for Fall

Hello ladies, 
It's been a while since my last post but with all the moving, school and work stuff, I barely had the time to take pictures and seat down to write my post. I've almost finish with the moving things so I'm almost back. So in this week blog post, I wanted to show you guys my favorite nail polish colors for fall and winter now that we are officially in autumn time. You that I love my bright pink nail polish but during that time of year I love to go for darker shades and nude. These are my all time favorite. And you guys must think that I have an obsession for Revlon nail polishes. Yes indeed,  they are so quick to dry and don't make messes and are so shiny. 

Kabuki Brushes Review

Hello gorgeous,

A few weeks back, I was strolling down my Instagram page and came across someone I follow showing the things she got from Buy in Coins and how good they were. So I went just to explore the site and also purchase a few things. I got two set of brushes including these and a few box of eyelashes for 1.50$. I will keep you posted about them. What made me bought these kabuki where because I wanted some from Sigma and didn't know if I was going to love them. Before trying something expenive, I always love to try a cheaper version.