Marcelle Clay Mask

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I'm taking a little break from my 30 Days of Christmas Series to give a review of Marcelle Clay Mask aka miracle in a tube. My favorite mask are clay mask because they are not dirty and sticky. I have been using this mask since a month and a half now. For the past two weeks, I was really busy studying for my finals and doing some essays which means sleeping 4-5 hours and don't really do my full skincare routine which result in me having a very dull and tired skin. The night of my last final I use the Marcelle Clay Mask and slept with it and my face on the morning was priceless. Like the last two weeks never happened. In one night, my skin return to it softness self. I was very happy about it. 


Start by cleansing your face and then dry it up. Then apply the product all over your face and let it set for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Some people advice to rinse it before it completely dried out but I prefer the opposite.  After a minute or two it will start to tangle a little bit. When it's fully dried, your face will start to stretch like you just got Botox (Which made me think I will never do that) or have a very tight ponytail. 

When the product is completely wash, follow with you night moisturizer. 


- Help to reduce redness and puffyness
- Reduce shine and breakouts
- Clear the skin
- You can see a difference after just the first use
- Without Paraben, Perfume and Hypo-Allergenic. Which mean good also for sensitive skins.


- Can be a bit dry for the skin. So I wouldn't advise to use it too often during the winter if you have super dry skin.
- At first it's very liquidy and taught it was expired. I read some review about that and people in general hated that. Which is very different to the others clay mask with a paste consistency. For my part, I don't really mind. 

The mask dried out on your skin within a few minutes and the more product you put on the best it is.  Even if you sleep with the mask, it will stay intact on your face until the next morning.  If you want long time result, you have to use it constantly. 

Overall, I will really suggest you to get the Marcelle Clay Mask because it can give the same result as some very expensive mask. After the first use you can already see the results. You can't get wrong with this product. 

Did you ever tried Marcelle Clay Mask before? Tell me in the comment section below.
PS: This is my 100th blog post. I just can't believe it. Thank you for taking the time to read my articles xx

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