Lorac PRO Palette

Hello Girlies,

Hope you all had an amazing week. Finally the week end is here. Today post will be a little review about the Lorac PRO Palette. 

I think that the Lorac Pro Palette must be my favorite discoverie of the year. Since I've seen some people on Youtube using it I knew I must have it. I bought it when I was in New Jersey at Ulta  because Sephora in Canada and US  don't carry the Lorac brand anymore except online. I was so lucky because when I wen't to Ulta there's wasn't any of the palette left on the shelf so one of the associate went to look in the back and got me the last one. I'm so grateful. If I didn't get the palette I would have die. Literally. 

Lets get to the review !!

The PRO Palette retail for 42$ and come with a little pot of eye shadow primer. 

I think that you guys know by now that I'm a neutral kind of girl. I don't like over the top makeup like blue, green eye shadows, orange lipstick. You understand the point. So I was really  happy about this palette because it come with 16 neutral colors. And for the number and the price I like it better than my Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. 

I just love this palette because I can wear it in my everyday life but when I go out too. So many possibilities with these 16 colors. Also, there's 8 matte and 8 shimery shades. I was effraid that some of the color would not come great or even look on my skin but I was wrong. They are all very pigmented and you don't need a lot. I simply just have to dip your eye shadow brush  slightly in the shadow and blend.

I have oily eye lids and the shadows last literally all day with or without primer.

I used the palette for a couple times and my sister messed it up when she used it to go to a wedding and the palette still looks like we barely even touch it.

I must be the world worst swatcher ever. No kidding.

Overall:  I will definitely recommend this palette because of all the different looks you can create and there's an equivalent of shimerry and matte shades. Perfect for all taste. And 16 colors for 42$ is absolutely a bargain. 
If you live in the United States you can go get the Palette at Ulta or Online on the Sephora websites also if you live in Canada. For the rest of the world I find for you a link from Amazon (Here). 
Hope you enyoyed. 

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Foundation Series: MAC Visage et Corps FR

Bienvenue à un nouveau #foundationseries. Cette fois, je vais critiquer  le fond de teint Visage et Corps de MAC.

Foundation Series | MAC Face and Body

Welcome to a new #foundationseries. This time I will review MAC Face and Body Foundation.

Starting Off | Week 3: Foundation

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the third week of The Starting Off project. This week it's all about foundation. Foundation is use to uniform the color of the skin and cover imperfections. Like I said last week, it's preferable to use foundation before concealer because foundation can usually cover most of the things you want to. 

When it's time to choose your foundation you have to keep in mind your skin type  (dry, normal, combination or oily) , the coverage you want (light, medium, full, buildable)   and obviously your skin color. Try reading my post on how to choose the right foundation for your skin type here

New York Beauty Haul

Hello Guys,

I just wanted to show some of the beauty products I got from New York. This is a long due post, I was so busy when I got back. I already plan on doing reviews of a few products, but if you want one on any particular product just leave a comment.

Je voulais juste vous montrez quelques- uns des produits de beauté que je me suis achetée à New York. C’est un article qui devait être publié depuis longtemps mais je n’ai pas eu le temps de prendre tous les photos depuis que j’étais revenu puisque j’ai été très occupé. Je planifie déjà de faire des critiques sur certains des produits mais si vous voulez que j’en fasse un sur un produit en  particulier laissez- moi un commentaire. 
These are some body lotion and spray from Victoria Secrets. The two on the right are Body Wash. They smells really good and last one your body. 

Starting Off | Week 2: Concealer

Concealer. Concealer. Concealer. I think that this is my favorite makeup product because you can just wear concealer if you don’t want to have a full foundation face.

Why use it? For those of  you who don’t know what concealer is: this a product use to hide any imperfections, under eyes circles, puffiness, pimples, scar or redness you may have in your face. More recently concealer has a new purpose: highlighting. This is use to illuminating your face where the sun would have naturally done it. Like in the middle of your forehead, nose bridge, under eyes area, and chin. I 'm not going to go to far with that. 

There’s a few kind s of concealer: stick, cream or liquid. I do prefer liquid but if you want better coverage use one cream based.

  My two all time favorites concealers are from MAC: The Pro Longwear (23$) and the Select Cover-UP (22$). They cover very wkk what I have to and last all day long and doesn’t smudge. I strongly suggest on putting concealer  after foundation because foundation will already cover some of the things that needed to be.

What Color? You should buy a conceal that is your exact skin color, If is it too light or dark it only going to put to emphasis on the things you are trying to hide. You should only use a lighter concealer for highlighting your face.

How to conceal under eyes bags: Use a peachy based concealer with your hands and apply it in the needed areas. Use one with vitamin A so it doesn’t settle in the crease and fine lines. After to settle everything, take a sponge and soak it in water and squeeze it to take out the excess of water and damped it in loose powder and pass it where you put your concealer. Be gentle with the loose powder. (To highlight do the exact same thing but with a lighter concealer also to cover redness instead of liquid concealer use a cream one and the sponge and loose powder).

How to cover dark spot and acne marks: This is not very complicated. Start by using a cream concealer which are heavier than liquid or stick- with a small concealer brush and start correct the areas with darkness and scars. After this step, if you  want you can add a bit of liquid concealer over it I do if I need full coverage. Then take your sponge and loose powder.  Blend everything and continue with the rest of your makeup.

What products I recommend? MAC Studio Finish SPF 35, MAC Pro Longwear, MAC Select Cover Up, MAC Studio Conceal ad Correct Palette (has a peachy color and 6 colors for 48$CAN),  Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, SLEEK MakeUP Stick concealer.

Recommend Concealers

Recommend Concealers par lightsfashionbeauty utilisant mac cosmetics makeup

Hope this post was useful and I will see you guys next Tuesday for the third week of #theSOproject which will be all about foundation. 

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