3 March 2015

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19 November 2013

Foudation Series : NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

I have been dying to try NARS Pure Radiant Pure Tinted Moisturizer since last year but every time  I kept on resisting mostly because of the price, 49$ is expensive for a tinted moisturizer I must say. But when I discovered a NARS counter at my departement store. I couldn't resist anymore and I got it. 

I first tried this products for 4 weeks back in June like it was recommended on the box but never did my review and then I tried it on and off. This only confirm how much I love this product. Mostly because it makes my skin look and feel good. This Tinted Moisturizer gives a healthy glow and people are asking me what I wearing. 

I tought that my brush smelled like lemon because I wash them with a citrus soap but after readings some reviews the Tinted Moisturizer really smells citrusy. I feel weird about it. 

I apply it with my Real Techniques stippling brush and it makes wonder. I just put a little bit on my hand and make circular movements on my face to completely blend it out. This is a light coverage product but you can build it out to medium.   At first, the color may seems to light on you but after a few minutes it will melt into your skin matching it perfectly. (Melt is maybe not the right choice of word). 

The way I use it (every day is different but recently this is the way I've been using it), is that I start by using my orange concealer in my Make Up for Ever concealer palette in N5 to correct discoloration and then I apply one coat of the Tinted Moisturizer all over my face. Then I use the rest on my cheeks to cover what is left to cover. 

Even if you build it up, you still have the sensation as you have nothing and look like the same way. Perfect for work and school. Like I said before, it will give you nice dewy finish. If I want to minimize the shine I just mix it with a little drop of my Clinique Even Better foundation and don't need powder everywhere. 

I have oily skin and I can still use it. For me, it last all day but I have to retouch my nose because it really oily. For exemple, I have once a week a full day of school for 9h30 to 9pm, I will do a little retouch around 4 or 5pm. It's not bad at all. Just put some pressed powder over it. 

When use with my NARS Pore Refining Primer or MAC Oil Control Lotion I get a better result.
Sorry for the glitters, I was swatching my Lise Watier Ombre Soufflé Suprême 
-Oil Free
-Blends very well
-Contains SPF 30
-Last for quit a long time
-Even out your skin
-Makes your skin look brighter and better in 4 weeks. It did for me.

-The price. My Clinique foundations are like haven in a tube and they are lest than 34$.
-The range of available shades, Polynesia (my color) is the darkest one.

I'm a sucker for this product and it will certainly buy a new one, when this one is finish. NARS Pure Radiant 
 Tinted Moisturizer is available at NARS counters, online or Sephora. 
Have you tried this product yet? Tell me more in the comment section. 

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