Tila Tequila Is Still Causing Controversy in 2017, This Time With Her Neo-Nazi Ideology


Ah — the most exciting life of Tila Tequila! The societal media-turned-reality superstar rose to fame in 2003 after collecting quite the next on Myspace. Though some respect the 35-year-old mother — whose actual name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen — as among those first-ever social networking celebrities, most are wondering exactly what she is around in 2017, now her time MTV has come into an end.

After a ton of TV appearances, Tila made headlines in 2012 when she attempted suicide and had been hospitalized for anguish a consequent brain aneurysm. Tila allegedly overdosed on pills, but in accordance with her roommate, it was not the first time she attempted to take her life. The roommate told the authorities she was trying to kill herself week,” that an origin said.

Tila on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015


After creating an excellent, years-long retrieval, Tila struck on the scene amidst Donald Trump’s presidential effort in 2016. In many Twitter rants, she encouraged the then offender, inviting him to”construct that wall” around the US-Mexico border. She incited controversy concerning her political viewpoints within a 2013 blog article, announcing unwavering support for Hitler and antisemitism. On many occasions, the TV character’s Twitter was suspended in the aftermath of picture Neo-Nazi rants.

Apart from revealing her service for Trump in social networking articles, Tila has likened herself to First Lady Melania Trump. She shared a side-by-side picture of her and Melania equally in white with the caption,”I am literally a trendsetter! Head manager of Illuminati.”
But do not allow her unruly social networking existence fool you. Her last official appearance may have been 2015’s Celebrity Big Brother, but she is still a force on the Internet. In a current Facebook message, Tila declared the launching of her newest Etsy store, TilasArtSpot, where she sells her oil paintings. From the webpage’s”About” section, she asserts her artwork is”prophetic magic. ”

“Now, allow me to describe to you men something I have not clarified earlier about my paintings,” Tila wrote. “I’m not selling only’Art’ because clearly, you can purchase that from anybody, anywhere! My job is real relics or MAGIC!! Every painting brings something which can come to life! Since they reside and bits of prophetic magical or anything you need to phone! It is true, and it works.”


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