Avril Lavigne Is Planning Her Big Comeback in 2017 — but It’s Complicated


Avril Lavigne is likely her huge comeback and promising a brand new album in 2017. At a short note to fans on her Instagram webpage, the Canadian singer revealed that she is working hard on new songs despite several struggles. “I only wish to thank everybody for their patience as I focus on putting together this new record,” she wrote. “It has been a lengthy recovery, and I wish to be sure this is ideal for you men!! You merely deserve my very best effort, and that is what I will deliver!


“I am quite eager for thissssss uhhh,” one fan wrote while the other added, “I am sure this record will be amazing, regardless of what occurs!!! We are sorry to be impatient this time, but it is because we actually miss your songs… take time” “I had been bedridden for five weeks. I felt as though I could not breathe, I could not speak and I could not proceed. I believed I was dying,” she advised People magazine. “I’d complete fatigue and weakness. 1 night I attempted to brush my teeth to the tour bus and could not even endure.”

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And for those wondering why, despite breaking two decades back, Avril remains together with her husband Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger. The group stepped out to the red carpet together this past year, where Avril showed that they were cooperating on new music. “We began working together at the studio, and we do work, and we have maintained our friendship as we all love each other deeply,” she explained. “And that is something we would like to maintain, which is important to us.”

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